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Gauteng Tourism’s new drive takes lifestyle, entertainment to museums

As part of an innovative approach to marketing the province’s historic and heritage places that include its world-class museums, Gauteng Tourism will be taking a series of new events to the sites, starting with Cooking with Lorna and Friends at the Freedom Park in Pretoria on Sunday, 18 September.

“We have changed tack and want to use our museums more as venues for all manner of events,” says Siphiwe Ngwenya, GTA’s chief executive officer. “The unconventional and new way of doing things will largely entail incorporating entertainment and lifestyle events into the marketing of the heritage sites.

“This new approach will go beyond September, which is Tourism and Heritage Month. We want to expose patrons of some of the already popular events to what our heritage sites have to offer.

“To this end, those attending the Cooking with Lorna and Friends event on Sunday will be offered a tour of the Freedom Park as part of the package. Other similar events will follow at other heritage sites such as the Constitution Hill, where we will be hosting a comedy show by popular comedian Mashabela before the end of this month.”

The Cooking with Lorna and Friends event brings people, food and music together and the hosts each guest a recipe with the food that gets cooked going to charity. For this Sunday’s event host, food enthusiast and Top Chef TV programme presenter Lorna Maseko will co-host with world-class sous chef Orli Del Angel from Quintol Restaurant in Mexico. Quintol was recently ranked number 12 on the San Pellegrino List of the World’s Best 50 Restaurants.

Ngwenya adds that what is event more appealing about the Cooking with Lorna and Friends is that is a family-friendly event. “Guests will be able to take along the young ones to enjoy mouth-watering cuisine in an environment steeped in a rich history of our country,” he says.

“This should make a contribution, however small, towards building a populace that is conscious of our collective heritage as a people. The celebration of Heritage Month in September is aimed at exactly that – raising consciousness about our history.”

Source – Gauteng.net


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