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Leaked photos show shocking Joburg hospital conditions


Little has been done to repair the broken air-conditioning, broken ceilings and water leaks that continue to afflict staff and patients at the Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Hospital (CMJH).

I saw this yesterday when I visited the hospital a week after the terrible roof collapse that injured five people.

While the gaping hole that I saw in March last year in the ceiling of Ward 348 Radiation Oncology waiting room has been fixed, staff told me that leaks still occurred and I saw some loose ceiling panels.

There are still leaks at various rooms at the 5th floor Ward 256 Paediatric Clinic which I also visited in March last year. Staff at the 8th floor Paediatric Ward 285 are also worried about dripping water which they catch in buckets.

The Polyclinic 3 dental clinic has reopened since it was evacuated two weeks ago after part of the ceiling collapsed, but water leaks continue there and five dental chairs are sealed off for use. Staff told me that this was increasing the backlogs in dental treatment.

In late January this year the ceiling in the Dental Techniques Laboratory also collapsed, leading to its closure. It has been reopened but water leaks are still experienced.

There is a disturbing buckled door in the Level 4 passageway to the parking garage which looks very unsafe, and there are piles of cardboard nearby to soak up dripping water.

The air-conditioning is another source of complaint. Some wards are boiling and some are freezing.

Staff have been told that R41 million has been budgeted this year to fix the hospital, but millions of rands has been spent previously with little effect.

The recent roof collapse has been blamed on a negligent company and I suspect other contractors have been paid money but have not been able to do the job.

Staff continue to be worried about their safety in parts of the building.

There should be a review of all contractors working on the building to ensure that they are competent and can fix identified problem areas in good time.

All content and included photos are courtesy of Jack Brian Bloom who is the DA Gauteng Shadow MEC and is not affiliated with TheJoburg or WrightMedia in anyway


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